There was a spirited young girl with the nickname Hurricane Shelby. She face planted into her first birthday cake and now she wants to jump out of planes. She air dropped spaghetti o’s on our West Highland White Terrier from her highchair and at 2 she learned that flying into a room with hardwood floors while wearing dress tights isn’t a good idea. But she was fearless while the doctor stitched up her head. And she was quick to forgive years later when her big sister knocked out her front tooth with a TV remote. The front tooth is one of those permanent ones, you know.

As a toddler, Hurricane would throw herself on the floor of CVS when Mom wouldn’t buy her the candy she wanted. Now as a teenager she is shy to ask for money for things she really needs. She is full of empathy for those whom she loves.Her smile is radiant and disarming, her greatest weapon.

As a baby through her toddler years I would sing, “You are my sunshine” when I put her to bed. And she still is.

Laughter is her most beautiful song. Hugs, her gift to others.

Today she turns 15. We no longer call her Hurricane. She has transformed into the most outstanding, excellent, sweet and beautiful young lady I know…at 15.

Yes, Keely, you are the best 16 year young lady I know.

Happy Birthday, Shaz, Shazzie, Shelbelle, Shazzie Wazzie! I love you!

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