Toby and I have a complicated relationship, but I do learn from him.

For instance, he loves to go on walks. I’ve read that a dog’s nose is 40 times more powerful than a humans, so a walk outside is like an amusement park to dogs. And the admission cost is the expenditure of about 10 minutes’ worth of energy.

The lesson is this-why would I deprive him of something that brings him so much joy? Especially since it costs me so little. And if I know that certain little things bring joy to the people I love, why do I withhold?

I think the answer is that I get so self-centered and think only about what others can do for me to trip my lights fantastic, that I don’t think about them. To get lost down in and live in this black hole leads to a sad life.

To see Toby frolicking around in the grass like a bunny rabbit makes me smile. It doesn’t matter how much he pretends he doesn’t like me.

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