Going into week 13, the final regular season week before our fantasy football playoffs, 7 teams had 5-7 records. That’s out of 12 teams. And one of those 5-7 teams would make the playoffs. It’s been a strange year. Around the house when someone asks a question about an odd occurrence, we’ve adopted the response, “2020”. Sums it up.

I go into my week 13 matchup guaranteed a playoff spot win or lose. I don’t have to win, but I hate losing under any circumstances. I give it my best shot, yet I get slaughtered by Chris, one of the 5-7 teams who needed the victory to advance to the playoffs. My loss, however, kicked out Justin, one of the other 5-7 teams. In order for Justin to get into the playoffs he had to win and I had to win. He did his part, but I let him down. It’s not a small matter. The champ struts away with $1000 cash, a trophy and a 20lb, Nature Boy Ric Flair style belt. The cash is great, but I really play for the belt.

Sucks for Justin who scrapped his way back from an 0-4 start after Saquon Barkley got injured and then won the game he needed to win. All I had to do was win in order for Justin to continue his epic comeback.

Our actions don’t happen in a vacuum. Almost everything we do (or don’t do) impacts someone else. I started to list examples, but that’s unnecessary. We can all search our own hearts or ask God to search them and reveal the matters to us.

Then ask yourself if what you’re doing is worth the cost that others have to pay.

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