My alarm clock has a snooze button about this big(imagine me stretching my arms out as wide as possible), yes I know it’s an exaggeration, but it’s for illustrative purposes, so work with me, okay? The snooze button is a wonderful feature and benefit of the modern world. Those precious nine minute segments of sleep are, well, precious and they provide for some of the best dreams which in dreamland may cover a 3 or 4 day period. And my alarm clock also has another button, about the size of the end of a needle, which serves an entirely different function. It is the “off” button. This tiny little button is very dangerous. Off means off and that means once it’s pushed, I get no more reminders. I am left to my own devices. Left to sleep until whenever.  Because of these potentially lethal effects it is much harder to find and push. It’s easier to just rip out the clock and throw it out the window than to hit that button. But somehow I mastered this skill with very little effort. Yes, instead of getting awakened every 9 minutes, I learned to hit the “off forever” button. In the depths of the early morning darkness, in the deeper depths of my slumber, I skillfully calculated how to navigate the end of my middle finger to this tiny, tiny button. But in my late 20’s through my 30’s, I would awake every day, without the aid of an alarm clock at 4:30 am. That’s the time I needed to start my day to get everything done and my biological alarm clock was permanently set. Then I hit my 40’s, work slowed down and a craving to sleep until daylight crept into my system. I’m trying to kick this craving to the curb and develop once again some better habits, so that’s why I now set the alarm. But I am having a tough go at it and I am subconsciously sabotaging my own efforts with amazing efficiency and precision. Why are bad habits so easy to get started? Why are they so hard to toss out?

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