My sister laughed when I told her that I was starting the P90X workout program. If you know what that is and have seen me lately, you would laugh, too. And on my first day, I did almost vomit…almost. But I made it. I got through it and later in the day I had a revelation. If I could make it one day, I could make it a second day. I made it the second day (almost vomited again) and had the same thought. If I could get through a second day, I could do a third. With that same thought in mind each day, I’m up to day 7 now. I know, it’s a long way from day 90, but if I can keep my mind right, Boss (if you are old enough you will catch that movie reference. For a little fun, leave a comment if you know it) then I should have no problem getting there. I will admit though, my mind is the biggest enemy. It is so creative in finding tons of reasons not to do it each morning, such as, “stay in bed. Fat is the new sexy.”  All I do is remember the hysterical laugh of my sister and then I roll on out of my comfy bed. Thanks, Wendy for the motivation.

Now to spin to an analogy like I always do and I don’t spin this time lightheartedly. I know that a lot of people have real problems. Yes, financial problems, but I believe if all of your problems can be solved by money then you are very blessed. As a Christian we worship the one and only God who owns it all and can bless as He pleases. I’m talking about real problems…cancer or even worse, you may have someone you love dying of cancer…now those are heavy burdens. And I don’t mean to take them lightly here, but you may benefit by my words also. Just as the P90X workout is hard, sickening hard, I made it through each day and it gave me confidence for the next day.

When the doctors and prenatal specialist told us that our unborn baby would die in Sandra’s womb within a few days, God did a miraculous work in me long before He healed my daughter (who is now healthy and almost 13 going on 30). With no doctor, medicine or procedure to turn to for help, I turned to God and His Word. He quickly gave me Romans 8:28 which says, And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”  Each day I leaned into that promise and God gave me a peace that flowed like a river. Some mornings when I awoke knowing that my baby could die that day, I’d think, “I just can’t do this” and then I would remember how He got me through the day before and it gave me confidence to face another day with joy. Yes, joy, believe it or not. That’s the great miracle in me.

The Bible encourages us with the promise that God’s grace is sufficient for us and that His power is made perfect in our weakness (2Corinthians 12:9). Let’s consider that promise for a second. It says that His grace is sufficient…not sometimes, not 9 out of 10 tens, no exceptions for really, really tough times. His grace is sufficient. Period. That must mean all the time and through all circumstances. It also says that when we are weak, His power can be made perfect. So, during our hard days, when we are weak, we can lean on His grace which is sufficient, adequate, enough and get through on His power, not our own. That’s what happened to me 13 years ago. God got me through it. When it all began I had no clue what sufficient grace was all about; I’m sure that I didn’t even know the Scripture existed. But upon making the decision to trust Him and yes it is a decision, (and isn’t our lives an accumulation of our decisions, good and bad? Thank God for grace) God poured out His grace and love. It truly was miraculous.

Why did God save my baby? I have no clue. Was it my faith? I don’t know, I really don’t know. We were no more worthy than lots of people who have greater faith and who get different, more difficult results. This experience did teach me that when I have tough days and impossible mountains to overcome, I can look at my daughter and remember what He has done and that nothing I am currently facing is impossible for Him.

So, remember His promise. His grace is sufficient for all of your problems. Remember what He has already done for you and that nothing else is impossible for Him.  Put all of your weight into the Truth that all things work out for good for those who love Him. Believing this promise alone will help most days. And how about starting P90X or some other exercise program? Or start light. Do a push up and a sit up today. You can do it! You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. That’s another promise. (Philippians 4:13)

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  1. I hear you Dennis. I am on Day 66 of the P90x challenge. I am doing this with my wife. I felt like I was in good shape when I started, but I did this with my wife as support…..or so I thought. This is challenging regardless of where you start. My wife is in her mid forties and never been an athlete ( unless pool or fooseball counts). The first week I thought she would die during these routines. I am proud to say she has stuck with it and lost almost 20 inches from various parts of her body. She looks great and she feels great. Each day she hates the thought of getting up and doing it, but then is glad she did…

    I love the word about God’s grace being sufficient for us. It is such a simple message, but one we far too often have a habit of thinking we are more in control than we are.

    Just keep getting up… play…and tip of the day…Don’t bash your face!!!!!!!!!!!!

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