My daughters are 11 and almost 13 years old now, so I’m not a novice at this parenting thing, but there’s something about my 4 year old son that is opening a new awareness in me. Maybe it’s just the fact that he’s a boy and boys are different from girls. Can I get an amen? I’m realizing more and more how much my son needs me. My wife, Sandra is supermom and could probably survive without me, but there are times when he openly defies her, yet I can step in and put the fear of God in his heart. Sandra disciplines in the same way as I do and is no creampuff (probably a Krispy Kreme donut if anything), but there’s something about a little boy looking into the stern, serious eyes of his father. He knows that the monkey business is over; this is for real; reckoning time has come. He may try to push Mommy and the sisters around; however Dad is the stone wall. I think this is missing in our world today to a large degree; what’s missing in our families…a man in the house who will lead strong. You may be a man in the house, but are you just dirtying dishes and leaving your shoes around for others to trip over or are you leading your family?

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