• The man is always carrying the sandals of his wife while walking on the beach
  • The man is the one playing with the kids, digging in the sand, swimming in the ocean while the wife is laying down sunning herself
  • Motorcyclists rev their engines more on the strip than anywhere else and more between the hours of 10pm to 1am than any other time
  • Children never think the water is too cold
  • When walking from one pier to the next, the second pier is always further away than it looks
  • Sand does not bother children, no matter where it ends up on their bodies
  • Children do not understand that the wind does blow sand around and it can get in your eyes
  • Drunk people talk loud
  • Children make new friends easier than the rest of us
  • Sand flies swarm the beach after 4pm and they sting!
  • Some men should not wear Speedo’s
  • Some women should not wear bikinis
  • Beautiful people usually hang out together in groups
  • You can get cell phone reception on the beach, but why would you want to?
  • When the waves are rough and you are trying to get out to the deeper water to ride the waves, you have to fight! The waves will knock you down and throw you back unless you work hard to move forward out into the deep. When you are knocked down and you get up, another wave will pound you again before you have time to wipe the water from your eyes. But if you keep fighting, keep pumping your legs harder, stand solid, get up quickly and don’t take no for answer, you will eventually make it to the deep water. The same is true of life, love, relationships, your job, your dreams and your relationship with Christ. If you don’t fight to go deeper in these areas, then you will drift and stay in the shallow water.  But the abundant life is not found in the shallow water.

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