Joel is still wearing shiny white leather Reeboks. You know the kind. If the sun hits them in just the right way they can maim and blind innocent bystanders. They were wildly popular in the late 80’s along with big hair, but now…not so much. His big hair went away, yet the shoes have endured the ages. Today I noticed he had on a brand new pair. Since he’s my brother in law and one of my best friends, I feel like I have a responsibility to help guide him a bit with some fashion sense. I don’t have much myself, but white Reeboks? I do have more than that. Friends don’t let friends drive drunk and friends shouldn’t let their friends wear white Reeboks…unless they are both drunk. Neither one of us was drunk and Joel didn’t seem to appreciate my fashion advice. In fact, not only did he have a new pair of shiny white leather Reeboks, he proudly and boldly proclaimed that he bought four new pair. My goodness. No relief for a very long time at the least.

I have to admire him for one thing, however. He is very stubborn and does not care what other people think when his mind is made up. In a culture and society in which marketing people strive successfully to make us all discontented with what we have and to crave more and more stuff that we don’t need and can’t afford, Joel’s feet (shiny and white) are firmly placed on solid ground. He does not conform to the patterns of this world. Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s not always good to be stubborn about your ways. If you are eating a bucket of the Colonel’s fried chicken every day, please stop. That’s just stupid. If you are believing the lies that your boyfriend is telling you so that you will do things that your parents and God have told you not to do, dump the jerk and move on with your life. Be stubborn about the right things, the smart things. Be stubborn about the TRUTH. Read the Word and discover what TRUTH is and then stand on it….wearing your ugly shoes and all. Or as a wise man just recently posted on Twitter, “I will not sacrifice what I know to be Truth because it is not what you want to hear! Believe or don’t, There is a cost for both”. That wise man was the man with the ugly white shiny Reeboks.

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