Who ever said that my wife didn’t have a sense of humor? Oops was that me? Certainly not, honey. We just moved recently and we are still pulling things out of boxes. Today was picture day…the appointed time in which our pictures were to finally get hung on the wall. I would have done it long ago, but I know that as soon as Sandra came home, I would be taking them down and rearranging, so why bother? Wait on the Big Cheese to take on the project. When I returned home today I noticed that our painting with the word “Hope” was hung and a sister painting with “Love” was standing against the wall about to be hung. Hope and Love…so I asked where is Faith? Sandra replied, “You’ve got me on a budget and I couldn’t afford Faith.” Couldn’t afford Faith. How can we afford not to have Faith? As it turns out, the store didn’t have Faith, but yet my wife does have a sense of humor, huh?

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