Believe it or not, I made a profound statement to my wife last night that is worthy of posting. The surprising thing about the statement is that it was off the cuff- completely spontaneous. If I’ve ever even made a profound statement, it would usually come after much thought and deliberation. I’ll get to it in a second, but first a little set up. My best friend and business partner, Earl, was at my house last night helping me set some mouse traps. I had evidently set them incorrectly and my little friend has been getting fat and happy on creamy peanut butter. When Sandra realized that I had set the traps wrong, she gave me that look. You know that “look”. I responded by saying, “Listen, Earl does what he does and I do what I do and we don’t judge each other for the things we each don’t do. That’s why we are great friends and partners.” Soak on that for a minute. Earl is an outdoorsy, hands on, building contractor type and I’m more of an inside, read a book, write, do research kind of guy. I don’t know which end of a hammer you use to drive a nail and the only thing Earl might read are the instructions on a prescription medicine bottle…maybe. But as business partners we balance each other out. He does the things I can’t do and I do the things he can’t or doesn’t want to do. As he always says, “his strengths are my weaknesses and my strengths are his weaknesses.” Sandra suggested that we get married.

Well that’s not happening, but if we could all learn to apply this same principle with our spouses, we would probably have much healthier marriages. God made us all different. We shouldn’t judge each other on the things God didn’t equip us to do very well, because in essence we are criticizing God’s handiwork. But He did design everyone to excel at something. We should find that area and encourage   our spouses in it.  I am so proud of my profound thought that I’m going to state it again and leave it with you.  Do what you do best and your spouse do what he/she does best and try not to judge each other on the things each of you do not do well. Then you can have a better marriage.  Ok, I’m not done- I just had a P.S. thought, and it’s a good one. Use your God-given strengths to serve your spouse. You’ll be honoring them through service and pleasing to God as well. That’s a Double whammy! Bazinga!

3 thoughts

  1. I think you better let Earl build the clubhouse, if Shelby is wanting it completed by THIS Christmas.

  2. BAM! I like it! Just need another half, and I’m ready to go! Lol….Hahaha and Lucy makes a fine point. I would totally help however, I have no knowledge of building besides being a tiny peon grunt lol.

  3. ‘ “Listen, Earl does what he does and I do what I do and we don’t judge each other for the things we each don’t do. ” ‘
    thats a lot of dos and donts and does’. nice blog though dad! 😛

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