Yesterday was a rough day. My stomach was upset all day and I just came home from work and crashed on the couch for the evening. It must have been a strange sight for Will because several times last night he asked me if I was feeling any better. Then just a couple of minutes ago, he wakes up, comes into my office rubbing his sleepy, squinty eyes and the first words out of his mouth are, “How’s your stomach?” It’s been 12 hours and he’s slept all night, yet his first concern was for me. Amazing! He is 4 years old and most 4 year old kid’s first concern and many times, Will’s, doesn’t get beyond the 3 cubic feet they occupy on Planet Earth. I was touched and it made me realize that the whole world can hate me, but as long as I have the love of my family and Jesus, I will be okay. I’m feeling better this morning by the way.

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