Something has been stirring in my spirit for a week now and I just haven’t been able to put adequate words to it. Then I saw it the other day. That something that was stirring inside of me demonstrated itself right before my eyes. Let me shift in reverse and give you some background content.

A week or so ago I listened to a podcast of one of Elevation Church Pastor Steven Furtick’s messages. I can’t remember the message or even what he said verbatim. I just know that I came away believing that God built each one of us to walk into a certain destiny and that He is our biggest cheerleader trying to get us to step into it. I can imagine Him up in Heaven waving His arms like He wants to push us right into it and when we allow fear, doubt and intimidation to turn us away, it breaks His heart because this destiny is supposed to be used to glorify Him and advance His kingdom. I think most people never do get there and it’s why Thoreau said, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” That quiet desperation stems from missing our destiny and settling for what’s good instead of jumping out of our comfort zone into something great. It’s been said that good is the enemy of great and it’s so true. Our Enemy, Satan, will keep us busy and comfortable with good stuff, all the while deceiving us out of our destinies.

Now, as to what I witnessed the other day. My best friend, Arthur, has been wrestling with God for years over the call to preach. As a bystander and witness to seeing him have the opportunity to speak a couple of times, I saw the call of God on him and his unique giftedness to share his passion for God. But you can’t tell someone else what he is supposed to do. He has to own that for himself. On Tuesday of last week, Arthur received a phone call asking him to speak during the chapel service at the City of Light, the headquarters of the Inspiration Network. Arthur works for the Cerullo’s who own the network and somehow their son became aware of Arthur’s passion and extended the offer. The speaking engagement was for the next day. Arthur accepted. Seems crazy as most preachers will tell you that they prepare 20-30 hours to deliver one message. Arthur had far, far less than that, but if God is for you, who can stand against you, right? If you are going to step into God’s destiny for your life, you have to step out of your fears. Arthur blew the place away. He knocked the ball so far out of the park that they couldn’t find the ball. It was an amazing sight. As I mentioned, I’ve seen him speak before, but this was different. The glory of God was all over him. Arthur stepped into his destiny and God swept him up in His arms and carried him to new heights. Arthur told me later that he had things written on paper, but so much more came out his mouth that he can’t explain except that God took over. The encouraging thing about all of this is what God did for Arthur, God will do for all of us if we will turn back our fears and take that step. When Arthur received the 24 hour notice invitation to speak, he could have said no. A “no” would have been reasonable. A “yes” seems insane, but a “no” would have been a shame because God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise.” 1 Corinthians 1:27. With that being the case, God should be able to use me too. Come on, God, I’m ready!  

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