I had the privilege of attending an awesome funeral service this weekend. I’m not sure if “awesome” is the way one should describe a funeral service, but I consider myself a wordsmith and that’s the best word in the entire English language to describe it. I guess “honoring” will work too, but it was awesome because of how much honor was bestowed upon the husband, father, grandfather, former soldier, uncle, brother and friend. I’ve been to funerals before and I’ve never seen anything like it. It was so cool. I didn’t know Sandra’s uncle very well, but I’m sure that he was treated great while he was here, but it got me thinking. If we honored people like this while they are still with us, they would have the confidence and strength to eat nails and walk through walls. Don’t wait until the funeral to send someone flowers is an old expression and I say the same is true for honor. Don’t wait until the funeral to honor them. To honor someone is to empower him or her; your opportunity to inject confidence right into his bloodstream. In a world that’s kicking us around, as Tom Petty said, we need people in our lives who will lift us up and we need to be doing it for others.

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