Alright, ever since my last post on honor, I’ve been playing in my head all of your counterarguments and I know that you have some. Some like, “he doesn’t deserve honor”, “she doesn’t honor me”, “if he would honor me first, then I might honor him.”  He doesn’t honor you because he doesn’t feel honored himself and you don’t honor him because he doesn’t honor you and the only reason he doesn’t honor you is because…on and on and on it goes where it stops nobody knows…stop it! It’s a vicious, maddening circle. The dog never catches his tail! Here’s a brainstorm; why don’t you make the decision that no matter how she treats you, whether she deserves it or not, you are going to treat her with honor? Maybe then as a woman who is receiving honor, she will feel like a woman receiving honor and she will want to honor you. Forget about what I say about it. I’m as messed up as anyone. Who am I to give advice? God says, “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you…” Matthew 7:12. Bazinga! Argue with God about it.

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