I noticed something today. It is hot. Brilliant, your thinking, we’re in the hottest summer in 20 years and you are just now noticing? Why do I follow your blog? Come on, bear with me. Yes, it is hot, but it’s nice. It’s nice because we have the heat without the usual southern humidity. Without the humidity, the heat is bearable, almost pleasant. I opened the sunroof on my car and just let the sun bake my balding head, basking in it like a frog on a lilypad. I don’t recommend this for you, Joel. That’s why God made hats.

But speaking of Joel, this change in weather made me think of heat in relationships. If you are in a meaningful relationship with anyone, just give it time, friction will arise. But it sure is nice when you can deal with confrontations and things may even get heated, but you check the humidity of your emotions at the door. When your emotions creep in during disagreements, ugliness rears its head and damage can be done. Joel and my other friend, Arthur, don’t always agree with me and quite to to the contrary, we have heated disagreements regularly, which is what makes us all better men, but we surrender our emotions because we trust each other and know that we aren’t trying to hurt one another. Instead, our disagreements usually stem from one of us trying to help or correct the other. I think that’s what real friends do and it is sure is nice.

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