I just finished the 2nd day of training on my new job and boy, do I ever feel dumb and dumber and dumbest. Am I discouraged? If you knew me, you would probably say yes, but surprisingly I’m not. My brother in law (not the white shiny Reebok wearing one, but his older brother) told me the other day that he hoped everything worked out for me and I responded that it has to, there is no other option.

The reasons for that answer are two-fold. The most obvious is that my family needs it and this job is the absolute best opportunity I have to provide for them. It is the goose that lays the golden eggs. If I cook this goose I should pack my apron and hit the highway. The second and most profound reason why failure is not an option and why I am unusually confident is in the way it came to me. Scroll down and read, “Connecting the Dots…” to catch up or review. Up to speed now? Good. So you see, God brought this golden egg laying goose to me and if He is for me, who or what can stand against me? Me. Yes, I have seen the enemy and it’s me. I can sabotage the whole deal with the self-defeating thoughts I have so often given my mind an audience to or I can stand in the confidence that since God brought it, He will walk me through it. So, discouraged? No. Challenged? Yes.

I feel so excited because for one of the first times in my life I believe that I am on track with God’s plan for my life. I am accustomed to seeing God’s plan in the rearview mirror…”oh, wow, that must have been God” and I miss the thrill of present awareness and the confidence that comes with it. Not confidence in myself, but in God who uniquely created me to fulfill His purposes in the plan.  This should encourage everyone. What God did for me, He will do for you, too. Do you sense God moving in your life? Do you know how He has gifted you? (Because He has in some unique way). What stirs your fires? If you don’t have any answers, pray for them. God wants you so intimately connected to them that you begin to get a glimpse of the “abundant life” that is for the here and now, not the sweet by and by. When you are presently aware of walking in God’s plan for your life, it is the fuel that keeps you driving through the storms and the determination to swiftly tow yourself out of the ditches when life t-bones you. That may be the defining difference between self-confidence and confidence in God who made me. When I am my own highest source of esteem and life beats the crap out of me, I can run empty, give up and die lying in the ditch. But when God is my reason, my hope and my source of confidence, His supply is unlimited. His “living waters” never cease to flow. So, if you know that you know that you know God has spoken to you in some way or answered a specific prayer for you or moved a mountain for you, “be bold as a lion”, fight the good fight, finish the race, keep the faith, “for the Lord will be your confidence”.

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