I should have bought the apple corer sooner. Who would have guessed that a $5.99 kitchen tool could bring so much joy to a 5 year old boy? Will has been asking me for a week to buy him an “apple cutter” and I finally got around to it tonight. When he arrived home and saw it on the table, he charged into my office yelling, “Thank you, Dad. I knew you would get me an apple cutter! Thank you, thank you!” And about 4 more times he ran back into my office to thank me and say that he loves me.

A simple act brought so much gratitude. As a father I wanted to please him. I didn’t realize that it would be so simple and it makes me want to continue to do good things for him…and even bigger things.

Perhaps if we showed such childlike gratitude for the little things God does for us, then we could expect even bigger things as well.

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