Pastor Steven has preached for the last 2 weeks on honor and it has been great. The biggest insight I’ve gained is the biblical meaning of dishonor. I always thought that to dishonor someone is to treat her with utter disrespect or rudeness. Apparently, to fall to the level of dishonor, you don’t have to slip that far. Dishonor means to treat someone as common or ordinary. That definition punches me in the mouth. I’m not sure that I’ve been truly honoring anyone. I probably treat most people, especially the people I love the most as ordinary. I apologize to you all.

The takeaway is that if I want to honor people, I can’t treat them as ordinary. I must love them in an extra-ordinary way. Extraordinary. It requires more effort, more energy, more thoughtfulness, and more time.

But don’t you think your spouse, your kids, your parents, your family, your pastor, your friends and your coworkers are worth it?

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