I was pretty sure that we Americans have too much time on our hands. How else could you explain the prevalence of reality TV shows? Then when curling became a wildly popular Olympic event, my suspicions grew to almost 100%. Now there is no question at all. I learned today that people actually play and watch underwater hockey. I am not kidding; underwater hockey is a real sport. See for yourself.

You probably already knew that…I didn’t. I’m sheltered. But it’s cool, I guess. To each his own. Some people probably think that blogging would fall into the “we must have too much time on our hands” category. Touché.  

All of these pastimes and diversions make me realize that we are blessed and privileged to live in this country. We have the ability to think about things other than when, what and where our next meal will be; or will my village get slaughtered by rebels today; or which child will I leave behind to die as I travel to emergency food centers?

We really need to stop our whining.

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