I know, promised you that I’d give you the other 2 tips tomorrow, but it’s not tomorrow yet. It’s still today. And I have something else, so you’ll still have to wait til tomorrow for the remaining 2 tips.

This evening I was mowing grass…okay, I need to pause. My mom asked me once to mow her grass and I told her that the only time I had was Sunday afternoon. She is old school Baptist and said that I couldn’t do it on Sunday because it would be “working”. I asked, “Are you paying me?” She replied, “No”. “Then it’s not work; it’s charity. And do you go out to eat on Sunday? You don’t mind the restaurant people working.” I didn’t convince her and I can’t remember now what happened about her yard. But this week I finally found someone she can’t argue with…Jesus. He said in Matthew 12:12, “Therefore it is lawful to do good on the Sabbath.”

As I was saying, I was mowing grass this evening (a Sunday) and it started to thunder and lightning. I wasn’t deterred. The thunder got louder and the lightning closer. I kept pushing while beginning to question my good sense. Crack!  Convinced I quickly loaded up the mower. I sat in the truck all sweaty, tired, out of breath and to be honest, not too sad about getting rained out. At least I tried, right? Then I noticed that the thunder was less frequent and further off in the distance. Then Sandra called. I told her that I wasn’t sure what to do. “Keep mowing until the storm hits where you are,” she said. I replied, “The very next time that I see lightning could be right before it strikes me.” I think that she’s got insurance money on her mind.

But I thought about how we all play chicken with lightning metaphorically speaking and if we do it too much, we will eventually get struck. Or put another way, if we play with snakes, we will get bit sooner or later or if we play with fire…you get it. Texting while driving; fibbing on our taxes; Facebooking old flames, whatever. Things we know that we shouldn’t do but we do anyway because we think that we can handle the snake even though it bites everyone else.

I don’t know…just a random thought…

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