An earthquake rumbled through Charlotte and most of the East Coast today and I know that it’s because I am a day late delivering the 2 remaining life-changing, mind-bending amazing tips that I promised in Learn From My Mistakes. I apologize to everyone in Manhattan and the Pentagon. The word “intentions” wouldn’t exist if everything went according to plan.

You should now have cash in your pocket if you wisely followed my advice, especially if you have eaten at ….you thought I was going to slip and tell you, huh? Anyway, on with the lessons.

The next terrific tip is to always put gas in your car on your way home if you are running low. Don’t wait until the next morning or the next time you go out to do it. If you are finished for the day with no more demands on your time, I know that you are tired and just want to get home, eat dinner and kick the cat. But at that moment you have nothing urgent fighting for your attention. The next morning, after you’ve slept late and forgotten that you drove home on fumes Fred Flintstone style is the worst time to have to stop and fuel up. You will need the extra time to put on your makeup with one hand while calling the office with your other and driving with your knee. Get gas on your terms, at your leisure. Many a crisis can be averted with strategic planning.

The last tip (this is for the guys) is to always have a nice, white dress shirt clean, pressed and ready to wear. Occasions often arise quickly in which one is needed. That one’s pretty simple and doesn’t require much follow up, but it’s one of the little things we can do to smooth out the wrinkles in life…

Ok, since I was a day late and short changed the ladies, I’m going to throw in a few extra tips. These will be quick hits.

At the grocery store, always park close to the buggy return station, but not right beside it. When you are finished loading your car, you won’t have too far to walk to return it. However, if you park beside it you risk a runaway hitting your car.

If you have teenagers with cell phones, pay a little more to get an unlimited texting plan. Just learned that lesson recently.

Finally, don’t chew Tylenol. You can, it shouldn’t harm you, but just don’t. If you don’t have access to water, you would be better off swallowing them and risk choking. Or deal with the headache.

Why do I have to learn all the lessons the hard way?

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