Exactly 96 days ago I posted, Better Habits, New Habitat, in which I confessed my most consistent character trait, inconsistency and my plan to get over it. It was a 5-5-25-25 plan; 5 minutes of prayer, 5 minutes of Bible reading, 25 sit ups and 25 pushups each day for at least 7 consecutive days. If I made 7, then I would go for 14 and so on.

I’m not sure why I mixed physical and spiritual disciplines, but it seemed right. It was day 4 when I published that post. I haven’t mentioned it since, but today I give glory to God for the 100th straight day that I have been consistent with the plan. All the glory does go to Him, because it wasn’t by my power and strength. It was His and through this challenge, He has changed my life. I am different. I am stronger in both spirit and body. I will go into more detail in later posts.

 For 44 years I struggled with self-confidence and He has shown me that I had my focus in the wrong place. (See John 3:30).  I am now fully confident in God and what I can do through Him. He has done a “new thing”. On the physical side, when I started the challenge I could force out 25-30 pushups. My record is now 78…at one time! I can’t do that every day, but I am consistent with 60-65 and pushing towards higher numbers.

To combat complacency and keep moving from “glory to glory to glory” I am upping my commitment starting today. I will maintain the former plan and begin a new one. I think it’s still important for the new challenge to have both physical and spiritual components as they create a great, positive synergy. The progress in one spurs on the efforts in the other.

The spiritual element will involve writing. I regret not journaling over the past 100 days. You would think that a writer would, right? Anyway, my commitment is to journal about the Scriptures I read each day. Through writing I will be able to glean more from the Word and I will also have a written account of how God is speaking to me through His Word. The reading plan I started with and will continue is reading through the New Testament. Each day I pick up where I left off the day before.

It has been awesome as so many mornings I read something that deals with an issue I faced the day before or one I’m about to face that day. God places it right where I need it right when I need it.

And because I think this Scripture Journal will be an encouragement to you, I’m going to post it each day on a different page of my blog site called, Scripture Journey.  I will still post normal blogs, but this will be a bonus for you…and me.

My new physical challenge is to eliminate my big, fat belly. With all of the sit ups, I have developed a six-pack, but they are on ice inside a large cooler. My goal is to chisel my body so that my chest measures 10 inches greater than my stomach. Right now they are about even. I’m not concerned about weight as much because muscle weight will replace fat weight. The important thing is to shrink my waistline as that’s a key factor between good and poor health. I have a strategy, but I’m not revealing it yet. I want to see if it works and if it does, I will be sure to pass it along.

I can attest to the fact that spending time with God and in His Word each day does work. A few pushup and sit ups don’t hurt either.

I will pass along that much…now what about a challenge for you?

One thought

  1. if anyone needs that strategy…. i have it 4 u… meet me at target, i will b in the shady black van :P:P:P
    hehehe JK!!! luv u 🙂

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