I mentioned to you that I have a strategy for chiseling my body to resemble a Greek god…well, I didn’t exactly put it that way and I doubt that will happen, but I do have high hopes of getting in better shape. Today I was on the website that created the plan doing some research and the site had posted a letter and some pictures from a very enthusiastic customer. This man bought and read the book (I haven’t gone that far yet) and he said that it’s the most important book he’s ever read and will ever read.

I winced.

I have to admit. His story and his pictures were impressive. He went from 400 lbs to 177 lbs in a year. It’s amazing really. The plan isn’t about a pill you take; an expensive exercise machine you buy or a whacked out, extreme 90 minute a day workout that you do. It’s about eating the right foods, avoiding the bad foods and moderate exercise.

But to call this book the most important book he has ever and will ever read, caused me pain.

This book mixed with action can change your life and dramatically improve your body, but your body will eventually give way to time. It will cease to function at some point. It will die and return to the ground. Worms will feast on it.

Your soul, however, will live forever.

This book doesn’t address that issue.

Only one book ever written in all of human history can help you with Eternity. Only one book is a guide to the two options our souls have for their forever and ever and ever homes.

God is the Author.

To me, that trumps all books as the most important book ever written.  

Please check out my new page, Scripture Journey.

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