Yesterday I drove into the bank parking lot and the drive through was backed up 6 cars deep. Contrary to preference, I parked and went inside.

I waited, waited and waited.

I drove to the post office. I could barely pull into the driveway as a woman was practically tailgating while she waited for the “perfect” spot instead of choosing one of the other 37 empty spots.

So, I waited, waited and waited.

Today, I was driving across town and came to a railroad track. No, I didn’t have to wait on a train. Instead, a railroad repair truck stopped on the track and backed up while  two men got out slowly to position the truck rails on the track.

Again, I waited, waited and waited.

When I arrived at the Credit Union I went inside and fortunately I was the very next in line…right behind an elderly lady who felt compelled to tell the teller all of her health problems for about 5 minutes. Is that why the bank employee is called a “teller”…because you’re supposed to “tell’er” all of your problems?

Guess what? I waited, waited and waited…

On my way home God reminded me that I’m doing more than waiting on people (which I’m not doing so very patiently), I’m also waiting on Him. I’m waiting on Him for many things and He told me that I’m not being very patient with Him either.

Psalm 37:7, “Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him; do not fret…”

Have you been traveling with me on the Scripture Journey? I encourage you to do so.

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