As I was riding to work the other day I passed my parent’s house and remembered that I need to borrow my Dad’s truck for this weekend. It wasn’t in his driveway and it occurred to me that he probably has it loaned out to another close family member.

And I thought, “Lord, I’m a 44 year old grown man and I’m still borrowing my Dad’s truck like a teenage boy. I need my own truck.”

Every man needs a truck and he needs it when he needs it. Occasionally a man will be forced to haul off garbage that his kids forgot to roll to the curb for pick up (wink, wink girls).

So I said to the Lord, “I’d really like a truck. Not sure if I need one like I NEED food and shelter, but I’d really like one and I believe that if it’s in Your will, You can make it happen for me.”

I’m not a name it claim it guy but I do believe that with God all things are possible and I have not because I ask not. So I asked.

A few minutes later I reached the repair shop to have some work done on our van and the owner, Fred, handed me his keys.

I asked, “What’s this?”

He replied, “Take my truck. You don’t want to wait here.”

So, I did get a truck…for a couple of hours anyway.

Next time I’m gonna be more specific with the Lord…

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