Celebrating in Charleston!

Glory to God!

Today marks the 7300th (or is it 7300rd???) day that my wife, Sandra, has tolerated me as her husband!

Glory to God!

He created the Heaven and earth, all living things, walked on water, parted the Red Sea, healed the sick, raised dead people to life and gave Sandra the patience to put up with me for 175,200 hours.

I am the most blessed man on the planet with the most excellent wife who is the crown of my life and more precious than jewels. As a bonus, she has given birth to the 3 greatest kids in the universe.

Happy Anniversary and Happy Valentine’s Day, Sandra!

2 thoughts

  1. Congratulations, Sandra and Dennis! Dennis, I might have to steal the sentiments above since I feel the same about the lady in my life! The math doesn’t work though – we’re working on year 48. Yikes!

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