I strongly dislike yard work. I restrain from using the word “hate” and reserve it for anything related to household repairs and folding laundry. But I really don’t enjoy pulling weeds, raking leaves and sweeping the driveway free of those annoying spikey gumballs that fall from the trees.

However, I am a man filled with internal conflict. I do hate the site of an unkempt yard.

So yesterday I found the mind trick that motivated me to get outside and do the dirty deeds although it was a beautiful day for a nap on my screened in porch. I am in the midst of a diet and have lost 10 pounds thus far.

I convinced myself that I wasn’t doing yard work. I was burning calories.

And this allowed me to avoid doing the thing I dislike more than yard work…exercise.

Getting the hard things done is often a matter of shifting perspective.


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