I was digging holes for tomato plants with post hole diggers and after the fourth hole my post hole digging muscles were worn out.

Quitting seemed like a grand idea. To me. My dad thought we needed a few more holes. All this thinking was done while he was comfortably perched on his riding lawn mower.

Then I caught sight of the shovel. My post hole digging muscles were tired, but I thought my shoveling muscles might be fresher. I gave it a shot. I easily knocked out three more.
I changed my approach and I got the job done. I didn’t quit.

When we decide that quitting isn’t an option, we will exercise all of our muscles to get it done. I can’t stand for someone to tell me, “Nice try”. That’s code for loser.

I told my daughter Shelby that I would beat her Wii ski jump record. I didn’t say when. Each time I wasn’t successful Will would remind me I didn’t beat the record. My response was always “not yet”. I never quit. I kept trying new techniques. Finally, her record went down.

It’s been a month and I haven’t played since.

If you’re discouraged because something isn’t going the way you want, don’t give up. Brainstorm a different strategy. Pray harder. Use a different set of muscles.

Your breakthrough is always just one more effort away. Don’t settle for “nice try” because you aren’t trying and you aren’t quitting. You are doing.

It just may take longer than planned.


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