I listened to a Dave Ramsey Entre Leadership podcast the other day and that’s the great lesson I learned.

Run with the buffalo instead of the cows.

He interviewed an author who explained the difference. When a cow senses a storm, it will try to outrun the storm. Cows are slow. The storm catches up. The stupid cow still tries to beat it and just ends up running with it.

Buffalo, on the other hand, run to the highest point. As the storm approaches, they charge into it. They get through the storm and out of it quickly.

Buffalo can teach humans a lesson. We have storms. Some we ride along with and tolerate.

Got a relationship that isn’t right? Do you avoid certain places so that you don’t run into the person? Or maybe you live with the person and avoid specific topics of conversation. Or all conversation. Wouldn’t it be easier to charge the storm, take your lumps and get to the sunny skies of reconciliation?

Or are you maxed out with debt making minimum payments knowing that this fat cow will be around for a very long time? Why not charge it (no pun intended) like buffalo with gazelle like intensity (sorry for the mixed metaphors) and get it knocked out? The storm, ie, hard work and sacrifice, will be much more short lived than the debt at minimum payment levels.

Knock it out and move on.

Don’t be a cow.

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