I went off the wagon tonight. For 2 1/2 months I have used myfitnesspal to lose 15 lbs, but tonight my sweet woman put fried pork chops in front of me.

Katie bar the door. That’s all she wrote. I can hear the fat woman singing.

I’ll blame it on lack of sleep. I was tired and weak and as my friend, Jim Griffin says, why waste the energy resisting?

I almost felt guilty. But the feeling passed. Because I know that my new eating habits are a way of life now. I enjoy the weight loss and how I feel and look. Today was one day. Actually just one meal. And then the late night brownie snack. And then the later night chocolate chip cookie dough snack. But it’s still just one day.

I’ve adopted a new life style, not a day style.

I’m living for the line, not the dot on the line.

My slip tonight was a dot on the line and it really wasn’t a slip. I made the decision. And I enjoyed it.

We have to live in the present because we aren’t promised tomorrow, but we also must plan for the prospects of seeing another day.

By God’s grace I’ll be back on the line tomorrow.

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