I just realized that May 2013 is the 3rd anniversary of this site. Happy anniversary to me.

When I started blogging it was very important to me that people read my posts.

A writer wants be read.

I would often get discouraged knowing that only my wife, Sandra, and friend, Tammie were reading. So I would stop writing for a while.

But I would always come back. And as I was writing my previous post, I realized why.

Because I enjoy writing. And I enjoy reading my writing.

Almost as much as Joel enjoys his own Twitter posts 🙂

So if I only ever have 2 followers or 2000 or zero one day, it doesn’t matter. God will always get the glory and I’ll still hope to encourage anyone paying attention, but I’ll always be my favorite author.

As long as I’m around I’ll be a writer who is read.

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