I really wanted that Diet Coke in the fridge.

Then I remembered the promise that I made my daughter. She had sworn off sodas recently and being the super supportive dad that I am, I joined her.
Actually, my words were that I wouldn’t drink anything but water until I took off the 5lbs I found over my extended birthday weekend celebration. This particular morning, just a day or 2 after the promise, the 5 lbs were gone.

I know ladies. Another reason you hate us…we can lose weight quickly (and we age more gracefully).

On a technicality I didn’t have a problem drinking the Diet Coke, but I still had an outstanding promise. Then I realized that the temptation stemmed from thirst and the availability of the coke. And I remembered that I had 4 water bottles in my briefcase. So before giving into the coke just for the taste of it, I thought maybe a swallow of water could wash away the soda urgings. And it did. The temptation passed and I remain a man of my word.

The Bible says that God will always give us a way out when tempted by sin…or when experiencing a crisis of conscience.

We should let Him guide us more often.


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