I learned early on that when I have pc issues, I should restart it before calling my pc expert brother in law, Joel. A reboot will flush out 96.7% of all glitches, snags and malfunctions. If it doesn’t then Joel is happy to assist with the 3.3%.

Occasionally our lives need a reboot. We reach a point where we aren’t growing personally or spiritually. We hit a snag. A glitch that could lead to malfunction.

But what is a personal reboot? I think it’s doing something different. The things you are doing led you to where you are. I had a blue screen in my life a couple of years ago.

I made a commitment to start my day with 5 minutes of prayer, 5 minutes reading the Bible and 5 minutes of exercise. I needed spiritual and physical break throughs. It doesn’t sound like much and it’s easy to do, but the trap is that it’s also easy not to do. It’s easier to sleep that extra 15 minutes and wake up in a rush to get to our jobs. Where we build someone else’s dreams and neglect our own.

This mere 15 minutes done daily compounded over time is a game changer. It’s an investment in our selves. I did it for 228 days in a row. The 228th day was over a year ago but that time invested daily compounded into a life change for me. I am a different person now because of it. On the physical side, I started at 40 non-stop push ups and built to 80. My wife said she noticed a corresponding improvement in my personal and spiritual growth. And she’s the judge who would know best.

We rush around all day everyday 365 year in year out. We give to our jobs, our families, our friends, our churches and come home at night too brain dead to think about anything else. We lose ourselves in mindless tv shows, fall asleep and wake up to do it all over again.

Make a change. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del. Restart tomorrow morning. Invest in yourself first by spending time with your Creator and then on your body.

Do it first thing before the machine of your life gets cranking and sucks you in.

Reboot. There’s a 96.7% chance that it will clear out all system issues and change your life.

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