The garden isn’t getting too far very quick. My dad can’t do a lot without me and I don’t have enough of me to go around.

He needed me today to hammer some tomato stakes in the ground. They were about 6ft tall each and the ground was hard. They were too high for me to be able to drive them with maximum force.

I needed elevation.

I found an old chair to stand on which gave me the height to pound with all of my might. Until the wood handle broke. Not a problem. This garden has been a lesson in perseverance. We’ve gone through 3 tillers and now one sledge hammer handle. I got another hammer and started whacking away again. Got it done.

The experience reminded me of some of Pastor Steven’s messages. Sometimes we need to seek a higher perspective. We don’t have the power we need to succeed down here. We need to reach up and see things as God sees them.

When I stood on the chair I had power. When we stand on the Word of God claiming His promises, exalting Him and saying the things He said, we have power. All the power we need to pound the enemy into the ground and step on his head.

It’s our leverage to the abundant life.


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