If you ever plan to do Spring cleaning and take a load of useless household crap to the landfill, please don’t tell my dad. He will most assuredly demand that you drop it off at his house. He throws nothing away and I think it pains him to see other people doing so.

He has become a master at transforming good-for-nothing, broken, run down, obsolete junk into something useful. Maybe not pretty, but always practical. It may sit around his building for years, but he will eventually repurpose it.

For instance, old louvered closet doors and shutters can be made into…

nothing wasted.dadmakingbeds

garden planting beds.

nothing wasted.planting beds

The same shutters can become a plant stand with interior storage.

nothing wasted.plantstand

Formerly a water fountain, now a flower pot.

nothing wasted.fountain

This one…well you can just see for yourself.

nothing wasted.toilet

Nope, NOTHING is wasted.

Isn’t it amazing that we serve a God so full of grace that He is willing to accept dirty, broken down, tossed aside people and transform us into new creations?


He really is a Master at it.

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