One lesson my kids get tired of hearing from me is about responsibilities and rewards. These two hang in a delicate balance with one another.

If I require my child to do something, it is his responsibility to do it. If it’s not done, don’t ask me to grant a privilege or reward. Responsible behavior results in rewards. Irresponsibility, also known as disobedience, yields daddy’s wrath.

Forgetting is the same as disobeying. Whose responsibility is it to remember? Does my boss give me a daily wake up call reminding me to show up at work?

Part of the lesson is teaching them that their role as children in the Brady kingdom is very similar to my role as an employee. If my company required me to perform a daily task and I chose to do it, oh say, 2 out of 7 days, my disobedience would lead to a termination in my employment. But do a great job and enjoy remarkable rewards.

Whatever our kids learn at home, either taught or caught, they will take out into the world as blessings or burdens.

Sandra and I are working hard to bless the world and we do have great kids. I think the world will be pleased.

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