The wings were good and that’s why I went. So why am I about to gripe?

Because I can.

A couple of things struck me as odd. The waitress had never eaten anything on the menu. Not much help to customers who had menu questions. It’s not her fault really. The management team should make sure that their staff’s taste buds are familiar with the entree choices.

Then I asked for fries to go. I got them right away and they came in an aluminum bowl with a plastic lid. When I got them home they were steamed and soggy.

I’m not trying to be critical but there is one more thing. Apparently they close around 10pm. We were the only customers remaining and the cook kept poking his head around the corner to see if we were still there.

It was a not so subtle hint to hurry our little selves up.

Since paying customers are the life blood of businesses, they should be a little more sensitive to the customer’s experience. See things as customers see them. Imagine themselves in the chair instead of in front of the stove.

That’s all I’m saying.

I’m sure I’ll go back.

After all, the wings were really good.

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