I’m not adverse to conversations over all. Sometimes, most times maybe, you can’t shut me up. Especially if we’re talking fantasy sports and my team is whipping yours.

Just ask Ray for confirmation.

But there’s at least two occasions that I do not want to talk or be talked to.

Massages and haircuts.

Gina, my massage therapist, understands this beautifully, yet I’ve never mentioned it. The lady at the haircut franchise found next to most Harris-Teeters…not so much.

The reason I want quiet during these events is because I enjoy the experiences and they are relaxing. I want to chill. I don’t want the pressure of maintaining a conversation.

Silence is golden. Why is it golden? Supply and demand. It’s generally in very short supply in my world…well, in the whole world in general.

We should have more respect for silence. Only disrupt it if we can improve it.

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