Heaven is not over-rated despite what the rock group, Train, may sing.

I hope that they don’t really believe it. If so, they can call all the angels they want, but they’ll never sing with them.

My daughter, Shelby, got invited to the upcoming Train concert and her permission to go was contingent upon her singing to us Drops of Jupiter. I love messing with my kids. She did the deed and it didn’t hit me until the next day.

“Heaven is over-rated.”

I corrected her. Sing instead “Heaven is under-rated” or “The world is over-rated”.

I know…it’s only a song and all in all the song is cool, but we should be more careful with our words. Words are powerful.

The Bible says that words contain the power of life and death. God spoke the world into existence. The centurion spoke such words of faith that Jesus healed the man’s servant from a distance.

So why let it come out of our mouths that heaven is over-rated?

Do those words please God?

By the way, I have video of Shelby singing that I will use to exhort good behavior out of her. Hopefully, I’ll never have to post it.

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