I like money. I love the things it buys. But I don’t gauge my success on how high my stack is. If I did, I would have to count myself a failure because so many people have so much more.

Success, I believe is measured by how rich I am in the knowledge that God made me, He loves me and how much joy and peace this knowledge brings me.

This has nothing to do with money or in any worldly measure of success. I may never be financially rich and I’ll certainly never be the famous rock singer that I would have loved to be, but because God created me in His image, I am significant.

I have greatness in me.

I can be the very best me that he designed me to be. It’s my obligation to Him, me and the ones I love to pursue this end. It’s not a selfish pursuit because in discovering these things I can best serve God, my family and the world.

What dishonors God is for us as Christians to buy into the enemy’s lie that we have no worth or value. We are His workmanship.

Can it please Him for us to think He did shoddy work?

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