I don’t have a shoe fetish, but I know no one who is as picky when it comes to shoes. Unlike my brother in law Joel. Just give him a pair of shiny white Reeboks from 1983 and he is ecstatic.

Me, I’ve bought 2 pairs of shoes in the past 10 years that I really like. One pair was $5 rubber sandals from Wal Mart. I wore those until holes wore in the bottom and then I wrapped duct tape around them.

That held for about a year. Now it’s been a year since and I haven’t found suitable replacements.

Last night I went shopping. Alone. Without Sandra.

That was a mistake.

Even though I labored for over an hour on my choices.

At first when Sandra ridiculed them, after they were bought and paid for, I stood my ground.

In my ugly pair of sandals.

By this morning my resolve weakened when she started laughing and wanted to take a picture of me wearing them. I promptly packed them back in their boxes and commanded, well asked, Sandra to return them.

I guess I’ll wrap my old ones in duct tape again. Yes, they are ugly, but it won’t cost me $50 to wear ugly sandals.

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