Just go to the store for your magazine fix.

Don’t, by any means order a subscription. Getting it cancelled is a pain. Harder than getting my daughters to keep their room cleaned.

I’ve been on the phone twice now with a company that billed me $96.51 for a Sports Illustrated subscription(I always leave the swimsuit issue in the trash can at the post office. No lie.) Both reps swear that they can’t find me in their system. They were both very nice though.

Just not helpful.

I’m getting the magazine and they got my money. They just can’t find me in their system now that I want out.

I’m lost.

We often get ourselves into things that are hard to get out of.

Once you get into that 38 pant size it’s hard to get out of it and back to a 34.

It’s hard to climb down from the mountain of credit card debt you piled up.

Broken relationships can seem impossible to put back together.

But with God all things are possible.

Streams in the wasteland.

But we can’t sit back and wait on Him to do everything.

Noah had to build the ark. Joshua had to march around Jericho. David fought Goliath.

Daily diligently doing all we know to do and believing God to bless our efforts is the path through the valley of the shadow of darkness.

Daily disciplines determine our destinies.

I will get my SI cancelled and my money refunded. They haven’t heard the last from me.

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