I learned something recently. Yes, even an old dog, like me.

Leaders can’t be lax or lethargic in their leading.

Sandra and I went to the Cinnebarre to see a comedy. It’s sad what people call funny these days.

But 89% of viewers liked it and 83% of the critics liked it. So it
must be pretty good, right?


The synopsis seemed clever enough. But the synopsis doesn’t tell the
whole tale. I should have paid more attention to the R rating.

The opening scene was indicative of the beating our ears, minds and
spirits were about to take. But we spent
$22 on tickets.

And we had already ordered our food.

The food came a while later and we stayed a little longer.

Finally, we got up and left. I could feel good about that decision,
but it was too slow in coming. The language and images had already
infiltrated our minds. I’m not sure of my delay other than to me it’s
so contrarian to walk out of movie that just cost me a lot of money.

However, staying was a higher cost.

I could see the damage it had done to Sandra and I knew that I had
failed as the leader of our household.

I didn’t lead fast enough.

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