We can persist in confidence on some matters.

My 1994 Infiniti J30 has a rear center seatbelt strap, but for years we’ve never located the latch for it. Of course, the only times we’ve ever looked were when out of the blue we needed to load up a 5th person.

And Shelby usually did the looking.

Don’t worry parents of friends of my children. We always endangered our children’s lives, not yours.

With a little free time today and the odder than odd chance that I even thought about it, I decided to investigate further.

There’s no question under God’s beautiful blue sky today that Infiniti would have installed a strap without a latch. No way.

Armed with this confidence, I took on the challenge. I really couldn’t find it. I checked the manual. I consulted with my best friend Google. Sure, there’s supposed to be a latch. Everything confirmed it. Just no evidence of it.
But I persisted. It had to be.

Finally, I dug deep into the gap between the seats and found it.

There are other times in which we should proceed with confidence even though we can’t see or find any reason for hope.

Faith is confidence in the things hoped for and assurance about what is not yet seen.

That’s what God says.

We are blessed coming and going. We are the head and not the feet. We are His workmanship. New creations. Redeemed. Sanctified. Free from sin. Overcomers. More than conquerors. Children of the King. Princes and princesses. Royalty. Justified. Accepted. Saints. Chosen. Holy. Blameless. Forgiven. Seated in heavenly places. Bold. Strong.

As Christians, God said we are all these things. If you don’t feel these things, begin saying these things.

You will be agreeing with God and His words spoken in agreement by you will transform into a reality.

The unseen will be seen.

Don’t give up. There’s no chance under God’s beautiful blue sky that He designed you without wanting you to know how valuable you are.

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