On the 2nd day of March 2013 I weighed 206 pounds. Today is June 18th, 2013 and I weighed in at 190.

By the end of Summer the scales will read 185.

Early on I would get discouraged if I didn’t lose weight everyday or if heavens forbid I gained over the weekend. Not any more.

The scales will not be my friend on Mondays. And that is fine. I’m going to enjoy the weekends. The scales and I will make up by Friday.

Although my weight fluctuates, I am slowly and steadily posting lower numbers between Fridays. Slow and steady wins the race.

I’ve said before that I am living for the line and not the dots on the line. The weekends are the dots and Friday to Friday is the line. I love the weekends but I’m not living for them or dying by them.

There is actually a great freedom and relief knowing that 1) your efforts will produce positive results and 2) time is on your side.

You don’t have to build Rome in a day.

I will get to where I want to be because each day I am doing the small things that need to be done to make it happen. They are so easy to do, but the trap lies in the fact that they are also easy not to do.

When you decide what you want you have to determine daily to do the small things that drive you towards the goal. The day will pass regardless.

Start today doing the small, easy things that move you closer to your dreams. And when you mess up, don’t worry about it.

One day or one weekend probably won’t wreck your journey. Fluctuations will happen, but keep the line on an upwards trajectory.

Unless we’re talking about your weight.

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