I was cleaning out the car and this was the list scribbled on a sheet of paper that I found.

Sandra’s handwriting.

Hmmm…I was bewildered. Confused. She has lost a lot of weight recently. Is this her diet plan?

Pot. Crack. And soup.

Or are we so broke now from her pot and crack habit that we can only afford soup?

That should help my diet plan. I hope it’s vegetable soup and not Clam Chowder. That wouldn’t be healthy.

So I staged an intervention. I’m a loving husband. I will fight for my wife.

Pot. Crack. Soup.

During the intervention I learned that this list was a bit cryptic. Written at a stop light. Short hand utilized.


She really should be more careful.

She knows that our diets don’t allow for creamy soups.

One thought

  1. Sure go ahead and get a good laugh at my expense. (It really was hilarious though. Good one Dennis.)

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