I was chatting with a friend recently…I should say talking. We weren’t chatting. We were face to face, not face timing, not Skyping, not texting. I know, it’s hard to believe.

This friend was frustrated because someone was placing expectations on him. Some spoken, some implied.

“Hasn’t this person done a lot for you? Isn’t he still doing a lot for you?”

“Yes, but he doesn’t have a right to expect such things. He doesn’t own me.”

It is easy to resent people when you feel that they think you owe them something because of what they’ve done for you. That they are holding
that obligation over your head so that you will live up to their expectation.

The obligation holds you hostage to their expectation.

Then the Lord reminded of a Scripture that I love and in fact I blogged about recently.

To whom much is given much is required.

I shared it with my friend.

And the Holy Spirit offered me a practical application or commentary to it.

Accept and appreciate the fact that these people have given you much and permit them to expect much. Expect them to expect a lot. And give it to them. They might not have a right, but what does it cost you?

It will release the chains of bondage. The shackles are self imposed and you have the keys.

Living the Word really does set you free.

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