My two angels returned from Sin City of the Southeast. Unscathed.

I’m sure that part of my teenage daughters’ excitement was the anticipation of being out from under the iron clad control of mom and dad for a week.


The surprising plot twist is that their wonderful group leaders were far stricter than us. Fine by me. I’ve always believed that when you borrow something you should return it better than it was when you got it. The experience was a win/win for me.

My girls had a very close eye on them and they learned that I’m not the only crazy, over protective adult on the planet.

I tell my daughters that if they owned precious, very valuable jewelry(Claire’s doesn’t count) they would guard it like Fort Knox. That’s what they are to me, but a million times more than the largest diamond. And I guard them as such.

I’m sure it annoys them at times. But they will understand one day.

When they have their own little angels.

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