Not everyone likes me. And news flash!

Not everyone likes you either.

Yet it does bother me at times when I get that icky feeling that someone doesn’t, well, appreciate the fullness of who I am. As I get older and wiser I have learned a couple of things.

One, I could just be wrong and paranoid. Maybe the person is having a bad day. I should probably pull my head out of…dark spaces and see if they need some encouragement.

Two, my spidey senses could be dead on. They don’t like me. Some people are just poor judges of character.

It’s their right to be wrong.

But God loves me. And I can name maybe a dozen non-blood relatives who also like me. People that would help me if I needed a hand.

Some have done just that. You know who you are.

That’s where I should focus. Gratitude for the wonderful friends that I do have, not derailed by the ones I don’t.

Thank you, friends.

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