Nothing in this post insinuates in the least bit that my daughter, Keely, is less than a fantastic cook.

I have indicated before that she has God-given culinary skills. She just hasn’t embraced them yet. That could be the reason for today’s blog post. She hasn’t entered the fullness of her calling and still has some things to learn.

I was making cheese sauce for my world famous mac and cheese and was waiting for the cream to heat up to add the cheese. Keely noticed that the burner was set to low.

“Yes, that’s because I’m doing other things and can’t keep my eye on it,” I responded.

“I’m watching the green beans so I can turn it up and watch it,” she said.

What happens next?

It boils over… while she’s watching it. I know, right?

Sometimes we get in such a hurry.

I do, too. We made a 3 year financial plan 2 years ago. It seemed very hard at the time and was contrary to some advice we had received. But we knew that it was the right God honoring plan. We stumbled some along the way, but we got up and kept our sights on the target.

In this country you aren’t broke unless you quit.

Today we can see daylight and I want to turn up the heat. Accelerate. I get impatient.

Thank God because He has given me some restraint. If I tried to overextend and reach the goal sooner, it could throw everything else off kilter. Things could boil over.

I have to remind myself that by sticking with the plan which is hard, but manageable, we will get there in less than a year. We will win this race.

No need to rush. I have other things to keep my eye on.

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